W3C standards

Graphics in XML and HTML and with SVG.
Scalable Vector Graphics SVG 1.1 Recomendation, SVG 1.2 Working Draft.
eXtended Markup Language XML 1.0 Recomendation, XML 1.1 Recomendation.
Cascading Style Sheets CSS 2 Recomendation.

Browsers, plug-ins and libraries with SVG support

Mozilla projects for SVG.
Adobe SVG Viewer, avalaible for systems:
RedHat Linux 7.1 3.01 beta 3 (12/2003), Win 98 - XP 3.01 (9/2003),
Solaris 8 3.0 beta 1 (11/2001) and Mac 8.6 - 9.1, 10.1 3.0 (11/2001).
KDE Konqueror web browser, SVG plugin for Konqueror.
Lib librsvg (uses: libxml and libart and optionally libgsf).
X xsvg.

TeX systems with native support of SVG

Commercial VTeX from MicroPress, supports SVG
and is avalaible for Windows and Linux.
Linux version is free but without support for SVG VTeX/Free.

Shareware BaKoMaTeX is only for Windows.

Convertors throught DVI

DVI to SVG translator in Java dvi2svg.
DVI to SVG translator in C++ dvisvgm.

TeX resources

TeX Resources on the Web
TUGboat 1980-2002

Petr Olsak author of "TeXbook naruby" and "Typograficky system TeX".


libxml2 (MIT License).

Reactions on the DVISVG in the newsgroup: comp.text.tex are here.

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